About Me

As a young woman I have the energy & curiosity for new experiences to make every meeting sensual, exciting  & spontaneous. As rousing as those experiences are I do not just offer an escapade into the unknown. I can also be a relaxing haven from your hectic life. I am your friend & you can tell me anything, I do not repeat what I hear. I strive to make our meeting intensely satisfying on many levels.

I enjoy intellectual discourse, about anything. The sharing of the human experience & information is what makes life & our species so intriguing.

I spend most of my time reading, learning, & watching films. I’m an aspiring filmmaker & love to talk about the whole industry. I do not want to just make films, I like to paint, write, & basically just create things. I’m a hands on sort of girl.

To avoid wasting your time as well as mine, please carefully read through all of the site before calling for an appointment.


AGE 24







To set up an appointment please call within the hours of 8 a.m. & 11 p.m. or email me with the following information -


Full Name: 

Your Contact Number: 

One or More References: 

(If you are a member of a screening service i.e. RS2K, P411, or TER Whitelist, please put that info in as one of your references.) I accept client members!


Any other information you want me to know & tell me a little bit about you, what you do for a living, how you found me & why you decided to contact me, etc.


I cater to many different fetishes, for more info please ask before we plan our escapade.


3501 Hour
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3501 Hour
6002 Hours
100Additional Hours


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers

Q: Do you offer fetishes?
A: Yes I do, if you are interested, please discuss this with me before our appointment.

Q: What if I can't make my scheduled appointment?
A: I respect your valuable time, please do the same for me. If you cannot make your visit with me, please call and let me know. If you don't show for your visit with me it will not be re-scheduled! Common courtesy is greatly appreciated.

Q: How do I arrange an appointment?
A: Please call (773) 542-3069 during the times 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. with at least 3 hours before you would like to schedule an appointment. When we are on the phone please be polite & respectful.

Q: Are your rates negotiable?
A: Asking makes me feel like you do not value or appreciate the time I'm giving you. By offering the correct donation without complaint shows that you understand & appreciate my efforts & I thank you in advance.

Q: Is tipping required?
A: Most definitely not but is greatly appreciated, accepted & remembered.

Q: I want to bring you a gift, what do you like?
A: I enjoy many things so its hard to pinpoint one thing. Gift cards are perfect, Agent Provocateur & Steve Madden.

Q: What will my appointment be like?
A: You can expect our encounter to be customized to your individual desires, sweet and sensual, naughty and fetish-filled, the possibilities are only bound by our imaginations.

Q: Where are you located & are you available for outcall?
A: I am located in Chicago, 5 minutes south of the Loop & am not currently available for outcall.

Q: What are some important things I should know?
A: I value cleanliness, if you haven't had time to shower beforehand you may use mine, maybe I'll join you? Place your pre-counted charitable donation discreetly in an area where I can see it within 5 minutes of our meeting. Please do not make me ask, it is uncomfortable for the both of us. Please be on time, being early is the same as being late. Absolutely no drugs or alcohol will be used in my presence. During our date please be conscious of the time, I would hate to be the one to alert you that our time has ended. A considerate gentleman knows when his time is up or asks to extend his stay. Be healthy, positive and disease free like myself, do not suggest anything unsafe.